About reputation not say no one word

We win Reputation

We guarantee that within one business day of receipt of application for an independent assessment, worker LLC “EKSPERTINVEST” will visit are estimates.

LLC “EKSPERTINVEST” 2007 performs the highest level of quality while meeting the needs of businesses and individuals who want to always receive only the best consulting products. The results of our work as accurately and methods - effective. In carrying out our activities we actively cooperate with the customer and the organization (institution) that will be the end user (auditors, financial institutions, government agencies and others) and are ready to respond to the results of the review. Cost of works (services) depends on the complexity and volume of work performed (services) while meeting your requirements. We are always open to dialogue and appreciate any comments or suggestions from our customers. The whole team LLC “EKSPERTINVEST” constantly working to improve quality of service.

Accurately and efficiently:

  • assessment of real things (property, estate), including - expert monetary valuation of land;
  • assessment of machinery and equipment;
  • assessment of road vehicles;
  • estimation of things, except for those classified as machinery, equipment, road vehicles, aircraft, shipping facilities and those of cultural value;
  • assessment of other objects in tangible form.
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