Due Diligence

Due Diligence is the procedure of forming an objective picture of the investee. This system measures the comprehensive review of the legality and commercial feasibility of the proposed transaction, the investment project.

LLC “EKSPERTINVEST” to protect investors from “problem” contracts and unfair exercise of professional partners procedure Due Diligence.

Due Diligence is used if necessary restructuring of the business, expanding market share, owned, business diversification, purchase and sale of businesses deciding money acquired or alienated assets and liabilities and the adequacy of corporate structure and flexibility in managing stopped or disposed of business, and so on.

This procedure involves the collection and analysis of information to assess the various risks associated with investing. This is a profound and comprehensive review of the information provided on the asset, financial position, legal status, cost, and more. To be sure that the information provided is true and reliable team of professionals (lawyers, auditors, economists) check this information against the reality. Each expert analyzes information separately, if necessary, requesting additional information, and then made a combined analysis.

The audit client receives an independent official report. The form of this report is different: Advanced, when together with the report submitted applications with the expert opinion of experts, sources of information and advice; or short (as short recommendations on further steps the customer).

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